Do you have a drawing for us to price?

Each enquiry is different but 9 times out of 10, the first question we ask is: Do you have a drawing & some details of the works for us to price? In the absence of drawings & specifications it is difficult to give you an idea of price. Worse still, when comparing between builders, prices can differ greatly if not priced off the same plan/spec. Better to have a clear plan in place and something to present to builders for pricing, to ensure you are comparing like with like. For clarity and to set you in the right direction, we would suggest you start with getting scaled drawings prepared by an architect or designer and working through ideas. Our experience has shown, this gives clients greater confidence in the whole process, not just at the pricing stage.

Before asking for a builder’s price, what do you need?

In our experience at Sycamore, there are a few preparatory steps which save our clients a lot of hassle in the long run: A scaled drawing, a firm idea of what you would like priced and your own budget expectations. “You don’t want a design for something you can’t afford…” Hiring a professional like an architect or quantity surveyor is about “spending money to save money.” Before you speak to a bulder, an architect (or designer) should be the first port of call.

Nine ways to stop your renovation costs going through the roof

In a nutshell, “How do you bring a building project in on time, and on budget?” From the The Irish Times – Life & Style – Fiona Reddan – Sat, Mar 9, 2019
Unfortunately build costs have risen sharply. Where in 2016 you could expect to pay around €1500-€1900/sqm, now it’s at least €2000/sqm. For clarity, have your drawings prepared and be clear and detailed in your spec. The lowest price isn’t always the best. You pay the same in the end but with a lot of heartache along the way.
Be really thorough with what vision you have. Remember changes and delays cost money.