Do you have a drawing for us to price?

Each enquiry is different but 9 times out of 10, the first question we ask is:
Do you have a drawing & some details of the works for us to price?

In the absence of drawings & specifications it is difficult to give you an idea of price. Worse still, when comparing between builders, prices can differ greatly if not priced off the same plan/spec. Better to have a clear plan in place and something to present to builders for pricing, to ensure you are comparing like with like.

For clarity and to set you in the right direction, we would suggest you start with getting scaled drawings prepared by an architect or designer and working through ideas.
Our experience has shown, this gives clients greater confidence in the whole process, not just at the pricing stage.
If you are applying for planning permission you will definitely need architect drawings but in any case we would recommend this as money well spent, to give clarity throughout the process and for pricing.
Ideally clients will then also have market value pricing done by a Quantity Surveyor and know their budget expectations.

Really engaging the builder should be the last stage of the process. With drawings, specification and a budget prepared you are ready to ask a builder:
Can you do the work for this price and when are you available?

Architects and Designers offer varying packages at all levels of affordability.
At Sycamore Construction, we’re happy to recommend the following industry professionals for your project:

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