Exactly what we wanted (and more)

We would like to thank Alan and Johno for the renovation on coffee shop in Bray, Catalyst. Alan and Johno not only worked around us they provided us with something we are proud to call ours. The lads went above and beyond to make sure our shop stood out, their creative minds mixed with our messy minds provided us with exactly what we wanted ( and more ). We came to the lads with an idea and we left with something so much more. The professionalism on site was next to none, their patience with us was beyond what we could ask for and their generosity in helping us build something beyond what we wanted for the budget we had was something we will be forever grateful for. Thank you to the team for all the laughs and craic during the build, looking forward to working with you lads again soon. Thank you Ross Nolan, Nathan Walsh and Luke Gorman.